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After extended use, a computer’s registry becomes fragmented as numerous files are downloaded and deleted. Due to the way files are saved on a hard drive, repeated file deletion causes a computer to eventually run at a slower pace.

Start-up Manager

Utilize PC Cleaning Utility’s start-up manager to easily select which files to open during your computer’s startup process. The start-up manager makes this process easy by allowing you to simply click which programs are to be started during a computer’s boot up.

Select Which Areas to Scan

With this settings option you can choose which areas on your computer to scan and clean. Choose from virtual devices, libraries, installations strings, junk files, temporary files, system software, history and start menu, and more.

Scheduled Automatic Scans

The automatic scan option allows users to choose what day(s) to automatically scan and clean your computer. Users can schedule a scan everyday, once a week, and the time of day.

Easy Install

PC Cleaning Utility is easy to install and only takes a few minutes. There is no long complicated process because PC Cleaning Utility’s settings ensure a smooth, trouble-free installation process. Save time by installing PC Cleaning Utility now so you don’t have to spend time later attempting to fix complicated system errors.

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User Review

"It is the best computer care program that I have used so far. I have been using the PC Cleaning Utility for several months now and I can positively say that I am the most satisfied with so far. This program helps me take over my control easily, cleaning all the files that clutter the PC's memory, it handles the defragmentation issues for me and allows me to safely navigate the Internet without fearing I will become hijacked. As a plus, the team is very prompt at handling any concerns I've had. It is the best computer program that I have used so far, and I strongly recommend it to everyone."
"I have used other programs in an attempt to clean up my system and make it run faster but nothing compares to PC Cleaning Utility. I am absolutely fascinated with this product, I've bragged about it to all my friends and family members, telling them how much faster my computer is since I've installed it. If you are having troubles with your PC's speed, this is the product you have been searching for."
"I was skeptical about this product at first, because I have been disappointed before by a lot of other programs specialized in making computers run faster, but the PC Cleaning Utility was a big surprise. It can handle all my PC's problems without even bother me, due to all of the incorporated features it comes with. Not to mention that now I am more efficient when at my work thanks to this amazing program. I strongly recommend it to anyone and thanks a lot for making such a great PC cleaner program! Best of luck!"
"I love PC Cleaning Utility! It can make my PC run so much faster that before and it keeps me safe from all the online threats that I could face in any moment. I am not afraid to download anything anymore and I surely will continue to use this product because of all the marvelous and helpful features it provides. Keep up with the good work, guys!"

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