How to protect your computer from spyware?

Spyware can steal important data from your computer connected to the Internet, from identification to passwords and bank card numbers. But with spyware has grown a lot and anti-spyware industry that offers countless choices of protection against threats coming from the Internet.

Often your email is flooded with useless spam, so perhaps using anti-spam programs and techniques to protect yourself. However, when you thought you have control, a lot of spyware and adware programs running on your computer by monitoring activity.

Most spyware and adware only harmless monitors websites you visit so companies can determine your Internet browsing habits and try to send as many spam.

However, many forms of spyware are more dangerous, and even monitor what you write on the keyboard, capture passwords, which means they pose a risk to security.

Below I show you how to get rid of these small programs and dangerous to securely access the Internet.

Do not download programs from anywhere
Spyware generally come after sites obscure that no one heard. If you are looking for freeware or shareware, try reputable sites such as, or

What is EULA? Terms of Use EULA represent (End User License Agreement). It’s about all the technical and legal information in the window above buttons that says No, I do not accept or Yes, I have read and accept terms THESE. Many believe that is enough to click on yes without having to read the text above. EULA is a legal commitment that you make with the software seller. If you do not read the EULA, you can be agreed without knowing the installation of spyware programs and a variety of questionable actions that actually do not want them.

Do not click without knowing what you
Often when you visit a website, a text box appears. Unfortunately many believe that it is enough to click on yes without reading what is written in text. Clicking yes you probably agreed to installing a spyware program. Of course I do not say so directly, but precisely because of this should be very careful (a) with those texts.

Do not forget to protect your system
Antivirus programs have a name somehow wrong at the moment. Because not only viruses can invade your computer. They can protect you against worms (worms), Trojan horses and spyware and adware even. If your antivirus software does not detect and block spyware, try a product like AdAware Pro or ZoneAlarm Security Suite.

Do not forget to scan your computer frequently
Even with antivirus, firewall and other protective measures, spyware or adware can reach your computer. Do not forget to scan your system regularly.